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India’s state-owned aerospace company, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), has outlined its plans to roll out the first Pre-Production Tejas Mk2 prototype by late 2024. This rollout, however, has been delayed by over a year. Subsequently, HAL intends to roll out five more Pre-Production Tejas Mk2 aircraft at regular intervals, with each rollout occurring in less than eight months. The objective is to complete the developmental flight trials of the program by the end of 2028.

The Tejas Mk2, weighing approximately 17.5 tons, will see the development of six Pre-Production aircraft, each incorporating over 75 per cent indigenous content from the early stages of production. The Indian Air Force (IAF) will actively participate in the developmental flight trials, including User Assisted Trials, starting from the third aircraft in the series.

The third and fourth Pre-Production Tejas Mk2 aircraft are specifically designated for weapons trials, while the last two will serve as Limited Series Production (LSP) Tejas Mk2 aircraft. These LSP aircraft will be utilized by the IAF to address any initial issues with the platforms before they are cleared for full-scale production.

The Tejas Mk2 is expected to feature a range of enhancements, including new avionics, a sidestick controller, upgraded fly-by-wire control systems, and the powerful F414 engine to provide propulsion.
These developments mark a significant step forward in India’s efforts to bolster its indigenous defence capabilities and strengthen its air force with advanced aircraft like the Tejas Mk2.

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