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HAL’s 1200kW Turboshaft engine that completed High altitude cold weather trials at Leh last year will be ready for trials and will complete certification by 2025 as per details provided to HTSE-1200 engine can be used as a power plant for 3 to 6-ton category helicopters.

The HTSE-1200 engine developed by HAL Engine Division at Koraput in association with Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL) is HAL’s effort to reduce its dependency on the French Safran that has been providing rotary engines for LUH and ALH Engine programs.

HTSE-1200 engine once completed will be used on LUH, ALH, and LCH Helicopters that will be ordered by the Indian Armed Forces and will replace Ardiden 1H1/ Shakti engines on older ALH helicopter fleet that are due for an engine change.

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