Adani Defence under an agreement with Israeli Elbit is manufacturing Hermes 450 and Hermes 900 multi-role and high-performance tactical UAS in the country and has made a pitch to the Indian Armed forces for the development of an Armed variant of the UAS at the recently concluded Def Expo 2022.

Adani Defence already commenced local manufacturing of the Hermes 900 for the export market and has been offering various choice of payload that includes EO/IR. Laser, SAR/GMTI& MPR, COMINT/CMMJAM, ELINT, Hyper-spectral systems, large area scanning systems, and other payloads.

Adani Defence is already is manufacturing partner for DRDO developed UAV Launched Precision Guided Munition (ULPGM) which is an air to a surface missile capable of hitting targets over 3-4km from a UAV against moving and static targets. Adani officials told that both Hermes 450 and Hermes 900 can be armed with ULPGM and other UAV-capable Bombs that have been developed by DRDO.

Hermes 450 can support a 150kg payload and Hermes 900 can support a 350kg payload and has an endurance of 36 hours. Adani Defence is planning to increase indigenous content in this UAS and has approached DRDO for further collaborations.

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