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German-based Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH (RLS) will be responding to the Indian Army’s Future Infantry Combat Vehicles (FICV) with its Lynx infantry fighting vehicles that will come with Transfer of Technology (ToT) to Indian Industrial Partner.

The Lynx vehicle is designed with a sponson-shaped hull that features a lengthy, flat glacis and slanted belly plate. The driver is situated in the front left of the vehicle, the engine in the front right, the fighting compartment in the Centre (when equipped with a turret), and there is a disembarkation compartment located at the rear, accessible through a ramp located at the back of the vehicle.

Rheinmetall claims Lynx can be equipped with a third virtual crew member with the use of Artificial intelligence to operate the Lynx that also be developed as an Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle. Lynx comes with a modular remote weapon station that can be configured with a range of weapons and ammunition from 7.62mm, and 12.7mm up to 40mm grenades.

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