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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) plans to develop a 24-tonne class of vehicle based on an 8×8 chassis that will become both wheeled and tracked variants for which it is seeking Indian industrial partners to develop and manufacture Prototypes.

The RPF states that the Advanced Armoured platform (AAP) wheeled version will be equipped with advanced thermal and optical sights for the crew and fire control systems, making it fully amphibious. It will also have a crewless turret with a 30mm cannon, and run-flat inserts for the tires.

As mandated by the Vehicle Research and Development Establishment (VRDE) of DRDO in Ahmednagar, the industrial partners involved in the AAP project must design, integrate, test, and develop the vehicle’s components and subsystems, including the chassis, hull, engine, transmission, electrical systems, protective apparatus, weapons, combat systems, and others, all in accordance with the technical specifications issued by VRDE.

The Army had earlier estimated the need for 1,750 Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicles (FICV) of various types, including fully armed versions, command and control versions, and surveillance and reconnaissance versions.

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