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The groundbreaking GE-HAL jet engine deal, marking the first-ever technology transfer of its kind between India and the U.S., is poised to receive U.S. Congressional approval in the coming days, according to U.S. Ambassador Eric Garcetti.

The recent expiration of the legal notification period on August 27 allowed U.S. Congress members the opportunity to raise objections to the transfer of technology for the GE F-414 engine to India. It is noteworthy that both Republicans and Democrats have rallied their support for the deal, underscoring its significance. With these political endorsements, the path is being cleared for the rectification and clearance of this landmark agreement.

At the core of the GE-HAL jet engine deal is the technology transfer for the advanced GE F-414 engine, which is set to empower India’s defence capabilities significantly. This collaboration is set to bring about an 80% transfer of technology to India.

The partnership aims to produce 99 F414 engines under license, and the signing of the agreement is expected to take place within the current financial year. As per the timeline, the first batch of these engines will be manufactured in India approximately three years after the deal’s signing.

The upcoming approval by the U.S. Congress underscores the depth of trust and cooperation between the two nations. This technology transfer is not just a remarkable achievement in the realm of defence technology but also a testament to the evolving diplomatic and economic relations between India and the U.S.

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