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As tensions continue to rise in regions operating T-72 and T-90 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) due to geopolitical developments, Indian private sector companies are stepping up to offer their expertise in refurbishing and servicing these critical military platforms. With concerns mounting over the availability of spares and support, especially in light of the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict, companies like Director Airbornics Defence & Space (ADSL) are positioning themselves to address this pressing need.

One of the primary challenges these countries face is the limited availability of spares and maintenance support for their T-72 and T-90 MBTs, both of which are widely used across different armed forces. In this scenario, Indian companies are recognizing the opportunity to provide solutions that can ensure the operational readiness of these Armoured vehicles.

ADSL, for instance, has taken proactive steps in this direction. The company has successfully refurbished a T-72 MBT, delivering it to the Indian Army for evaluation. If selected, ADSL plans to undertake similar refurbishment work on hundreds of T-72 MBTs. The company is also engaged in manufacturing complete hulls for the T-72, having secured an order for two hulls already.

Refurbishing and maintaining these tanks is a complex task that requires technical prowess and innovation. The T-72 hull, for example, is constructed using techniques that are not commonly employed in India. ADSL has invested time and effort to adapt to these methods and develop the necessary expertise. However, challenges persist, particularly in the realm of metallurgy. The tank’s hull is predominantly composed of metal, and relying on external sources for the required metal can result in a significant portion of the value being controlled from abroad.

Metallurgy remains a pivotal concern, alongside addressing the complexities of powertrain handling and other technical aspects. Despite these challenges, Indian private sector companies are eager to seize the opportunity to offer their capabilities to nations operating T-72 and T-90 MBTs. By providing refurbishment, maintenance, and spare support, these companies aim to ensure the continued operational effectiveness of these vital military assets.

As geopolitical dynamics continue to impact defence procurement and maintenance strategies, the willingness of Indian private sector companies to step up and fill critical gaps demonstrates the nation’s growing expertise and commitment to global security collaboration. This initiative not only strengthens India’s standing in the defence industry but also reinforces its role as a reliable partner in supporting the operational readiness of Armoured forces worldwide.

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