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General Electric Co’s internal forecast from its major cash-cow engine business puts India as one of the foremost markets from where it is expecting double-digit growth for India’s homegrown fighter jets program in the next 10-15 years.

The F414 equipped with Tejas Mk2 and TEDBF program will be driving major sales for the company which Indian Air Force is planning to place an order for 108 units of Tejas Mk2 in the first batch and another 60-70 units in later stages. TEDBF programme will also see the induction of 45 jets which will increase to 100 units post-2035.

GE recently secured a contract for 99 F404-GE-IN20 engines for India’s HAL Tejas Mk 1/1A fighter with more than 50 being considered at a later stage, HAL might place orders for more than 60-70 engines for it.

ADA also plans to equip 7 AMCA prototypes and pre-production aircraft with F414 engines and also for the first 40 AMCA Mk1 aircraft. HAL is also considering equipping HLFT-42 Trainer/combat aircraft with F414 engines that might see orders for more than 60-80 units of the engine due to which GE is actively considering setting up for local production plant in the country with a majority of the ecosystem created for the engine to cater to the Indian market.

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