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AUKUS partnership with Australia, the UK and the US for the supply of nuclear-powered submarines and local manufacturing of a new class of nuclear-powered submarines might benefit India in the long term since it has remained silent on this deal but India’s support helped block Beijing and Moscow plans to prohibit the transfer of nuclear technology to Australia.

India which is working to develop three new attack submarine programs will be beneficiary of its silent support to the AUKUS partnership as it will be getting some of the niche technology for its program that will help expedite its program.

While India getting access to nuclear reactor technology is highly unlikely but it will see support and access to other dual-usage technology clearance from the western countries in terms of sensors, navigation and other communication systems.

France is keen to offer its non-nuclear technology to India’s nuclear attack submarine program might fast-track its pace in the development of niche next-generation pump-jet propulsion without much trouble from Western countries.

India will seek possible cooperation in lower acoustic signature management via new-age materials and a well-designed pump jet that is considerably quieter than an equivalent propeller, support for improving its hydrodynamics and hydroacoustics program as well as experimental facilities.

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