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Vajra Stealth Drone

Chennai-based Garuda Aerospace which for the first time had showcased its Vajra Stealth Drone for at the Defence Expo 2022 earlier this year has revealed more information about its upcoming drone. Vajra Stealth Drone will have a range of 160km and can carry a 5kg payload in its internal weapons bay. It is also equipped with an Anti Radar Navigation system that doesn’t require ground communication.

Equipped with a Lidar Camera that can be used to carry out digital 3-D scans for foliage penetration, dense forest and mountain areas. Lockheed Martin Canada CDL Systems developed Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) software solutions for defence and commercial applications that will be used on the Vajra Stealth Drone.

Garuda Aerospace claims that Vajra Stealth Drone will be able to travel around India in 16 hours with just 3 stops for refuelling which the company will demonstrate.

Garuda Aerospace is marketing Vajra Stealth Drone to Indian Armed forces and also to Indian Paramilitary forces like Indo-Tibetan Border Police, CRPF, CISF & Police.

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