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2023 will see the development of a lot of weapons systems that will be rolled out from DRDO programs, HAL and other associated defence programs. has compiled a list of missile systems that are in the advanced stages of development and are expected to make their debut in 2023.

ALFA-S: The ALFA-S (Air-Launched Flexible Asset) is a swarming loitering munition being developed by New Space Research & Technologies and HAL. We learned in 2022 that ALFA-S had completed wind tunnel testing as well as Internal Combustion Powertrain testing. A POD that can house four ALFA-S has also been developed, so testing could begin as early as 2023.

Nag Mk II: The DRDO has begun work on an improved variant of the Nag ATGM, which will have a longer range and improved performance, as well as minor changes to its launch platform. Nag Mk II will use some of the technology that has already been developed for the SANT and Helina ATGMs for the Helicopter launch.

Zorawar Light Tank: DRDO has partnered with private sector firm L&T to build the first Light Tank under Project Zorwar, for which funds have already been allocated. The DRDO intends to roll out the vehicle’s prototype by the end of 2023, which will be used for developmental and user trials beginning in 2024.

S4* (Star): India’s second S4 class submarine is nearing completion in its dry dock, and it will be moved to the outer fitment area in 2023 to receive additional equipment. While it may not be ready, it is still an accomplishment because it means that nearly 80% of the dry dock work has been completed and the submarine may be ready for basin and seat trials in 2025.

Tejas Mk2: India’s plans to develop a larger sibling to the LCA-Tejas Mk1 programme are already one year behind schedule due to the program’s late clearance of the funds. ADA and HAL have promised that the first aircraft will be delivered by the end of 2023, but there is no guarantee that it will not be delayed until 2024, so we will stick with the current timeline that the delivery will take place in 2023 and will be regarded as a significant development in the Indian aerospace sector.

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