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After being kicked out of the biggest submarine deal of the decade, sulking France is keen to get on board India’s plans to develop 6 nuclear attack submarine programs and has been having talks to offer India conventional technology from its Barracuda-class nuclear attack submarine program.

Unlike the AUKUS deal where Australia will also be getting a Rolls-Royce-developed PWR3 nuclear reactor, France’s offer to India is in line with what it has offered to Brazil which is also developing its first nuclear attack submarine in assistance with France.

Álvaro Alberto Brazil’s first nuclear-powered attack submarine is based on the French Scorpène-class design but with three times more displacement that is powered by a 48 MW Pressurized water reactor developed by the state-owned nuclear company Nuclebrás.

France has offered India the overhauled design of a new attack submarine class based on its Barracuda-class submarine along with its pump-jet propulsion that will be mated to a 190 MW Pressurized water reactor currently under development by state-owned nuclear company BARC in consultation with Russian state-owned companies.

India’s Warship Design Bureau since, 2015 has been working on an indigenous nuclear attack submarine program after getting grants from the Modi government for research and development purposes with chances of french pump-jet propulsion being part of the submarine if not the whole design based on the Barracuda-class submarine.

Indian Navy is keen to include pump-jet propulsion for both its Nuclear attack submarine program and its S5 Class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine program.

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