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In 2019, India leased an Akula Class Nuclear attack submarine for 10 years from Russia for a sum of $3 billion with the transfer to India happening by end of 2025 or 2026 might be postponed to late 2027 due to the present security situation in Europe and the possibility of the further escalation of the Ukraine war.

K-152 (Chakra II) which was on lease to India from 2012 and 2021 was returned 1 year earlier due to issues with the maintenance of the nuclear reactor. Russia decommissioned K-322 Kashalot as soon deal with India was signed earlier in 2019 and is speculated to be the Akula class submarine that is on offer to India as Chakra III.

K-322 Kashalot submarine is presently undergoing medium repair and deep modernization at the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center and her overhaul will see a refurbished hull, modernization and fitment of Indian communication systems and sensors that were expected to be finished in 2024 with sea trials and later handover to India by late 2025.

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