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The Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) insisted on interest in establishing local assembly facilities for engines and manufacturing key parts within the country. This move aims to stabilize the production systems and ensure a steady supply of frequently replaced components, ultimately reducing operating costs while enhancing the combat readiness of the Indian Air Force (IAF).

Officials familiar with the matter told idrw that, the local manufacturing facilities and infrastructure will play a vital role in bolstering the Tejas mk2 fleet once it enters production. The initiative is seen as a significant step towards achieving self-reliance in the defence sector and reducing dependence on foreign suppliers.

GE Aviation, a leading global aircraft engine manufacturer, has expressed its intent to establish local manufacturing capabilities for F414 engines in India. The company has submitted its proposal and is now awaiting final approval from the Biden administration, which is expected to coincide with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming state visit to the United States.

The decision to focus on local manufacturing aligns with the broader vision of the Indian government’s Make in India campaign, which aims to promote indigenous production and boost the domestic defence industry. By encouraging local assembly and manufacturing, the MoD seeks to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that can support the production needs of the IAF and other branches of the armed forces.

The move is expected to have a positive impact on the Tejas mk2 program, which is the upgraded version of India’s indigenous Tejas fighter aircraft. The enhanced local manufacturing capabilities will provide a strong foundation for the Tejas mk2 fleet, ensuring a reliable supply chain, efficient maintenance processes, and cost-effective operations.

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