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In a significant development, Elbit Systems, a global leader in defence technology, has joined forces with Adani Defence and Aerospace to bid for the Indian Army’s artillery gun requirements. The Indian Army’s quest for advanced artillery capabilities has led to the exploration of cutting-edge solutions, and the Elbit-Adani partnership aims to provide just that.

The Indian Army is actively seeking a 155mm/52 calibre howitzer that meets specific criteria, including a weight limit of under 15 tons. This requirement reflects the army’s emphasis on mobility and agility in modern warfare scenarios. Reports from suggest that the Indian Army is contemplating the procurement of 20 regiments, which amounts to nearly 400 guns. These artillery pieces are expected to be lighter and more agile compared to existing options such as the ATAGS (Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System) and the Dhanush Artillery gun.

Elbit-Adani is set to offer the Autonomous Towed Howitzer Ordnance System (ATHOS), a long-range 155mm/52 calibre artillery piece. ATHOS has garnered favour with the Indian Army, primarily due to its cost-effectiveness, which positions it competitively even against the Dhanush 155mm/45 calibre towed howitzers.

ATHOS boasts an impressive range of over 40 kilometres and incorporates self-propelling capabilities and an automatic laying mode. It integrates fully computerized systems, enabling automatic control, precise navigation, and target acquisition. This advanced artillery system is equipped for autonomous deployment on the battlefield, utilizing its diesel engine and specialized hydraulic-driven road wheels for swift repositioning – a vital feature in modern artillery warfare known as “shoot and scoot.”

The artillery piece employs inertial navigation and aiming systems, including GPS and an onboard firing computer, for autonomous operation without the need for external reference points. The ATHOS laying system can be synchronized with the computer for precise automatic laying.

One of ATHOS’s standout features is its automated ammunition loading system, comprising a loading tray, a ramming mechanism, and a crane with a projectile carrier. This automation streamlines the artillery crew’s operations, reducing manual effort and enhancing efficiency.

Key Features of ATHOS:

  • Fully automatic operation with manual backup
  • Integration with an electronic suite from gun level and up
  • Seamless integration with the command and control system at all levels, including the Fire Direction Center (FDC) and Fire Control System (FCS)
  • Rapid deployment and short response time
  • Long-range capability with all 155mm/52 calibre ammunition
  • High firepower accuracy
  • Integrated logistics support and comprehensive maintenance program
  • Self-maneuverable artillery howitzer with an automated ammunition loading system

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