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During the Indo-Pacific Armies Chiefs Conference (IPACC) held in the Indian capital, New Delhi, Brazilian Army Chief of Staff, General Fernando Jose’ Santana Soares e Silva, expressed keen interest in Indian defence technologies. The conference provided an opportunity for India to showcase its indigenous defence capabilities to international delegates, and Brazil, in particular, expressed interest in several Indian innovations.

One of the highlights was the ALS-50, developed by Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL). This state-of-the-art system garnered attention from the Brazilian delegation due to its advanced features and capabilities.

Another technology that piqued the interest of General Soares was the MACKEREL Loitering Munition Multi-rotor UAV, presented by NewSpace Research. This versatile unmanned aerial vehicle caught the eye of the Brazilian Army Chief, who indicated that Brazil is interested in evaluating and potentially procuring Indian-made loitering drones for its use.

Furthermore, the conference provided a platform to showcase Indian-developed Anti-Drone technology, created by private sector companies. This technology has become increasingly relevant in the modern defence landscape, given the proliferation of drones in military and civilian domains.

Brazil’s interest in Indian defence technologies reflects the growing recognition of India’s capabilities in the defence sector and the potential for fruitful collaborations between the two nations. As both countries seek to enhance their defence capabilities, such interactions pave the way for mutually beneficial partnerships and exchanges in the defence industry.

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