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Dr. Samir V. Kamat, Secretary of Defence Research and Development (DD R&D) and Chairman of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), recently addressed a critical issue facing India’s defence sector. He pointed out that the private sector is currently shouldering much of the burden of funding research and development (R&D) in defence

Dr. Kamat emphasized the need for government intervention and allocation of funds to support these crucial R&D activities, expressing optimism that the situation would improve over the next 5-6 years as the Indian Armed Forces increasingly rely on indigenous solutions for their weapon and system requirements.

The private sector in India has been inadvertently funding a significant portion of R&D in the defence sector. This has placed considerable strain on private enterprises, which often lack the extensive resources required to sustain long-term, high-risk R&D projects. The absence of dedicated government funding for R&D in defence has created a gap that needs to be addressed to ensure the continuous advancement of indigenous defence technologies.

Dr. Kamat expressed optimism that the landscape of defence R&D funding in India would change positively over the next 5-6 years. He anticipates that the Indian Armed Forces will increasingly look inward, seeking to develop weapons and systems tailored to their specific needs through collaborations with domestic industries. This shift is expected to drive more focused and sustained investments in R&D, supported by both government funding and private sector initiatives.