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Armenian special forces recently conducted training exercises incorporating both newly acquired French Bastion armored vehicles and a previously unseen type of suicide drone. Visual analysis suggests the drones might be the Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) ALS-50 kamikaze drone from India.

The drone spotted in training exercises bears a striking resemblance to the TASL ALS-50. This fixed-wing loitering munition boasts an impressive range exceeding 50 kilometers. After launch, the ALS-50 transitions to a fixed-wing configuration and homes in on its target. With a 3.8-meter wingspan, it can deliver a significant payload – up to 6kg of anti-personnel or anti-tank weaponry. The lightweight composite construction and 100km/h cruise speed make the ALS-50 a potentially significant addition to the Armenian arsenal.

TASL has not officially confirmed the sale or export of ALS-50 drones to Armenia. The number of units potentially acquired also remains unknown. However, the presence of these drones during training exercises suggests a possible new chapter in Armenian military capabilities.

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