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Modern fighter jets rely heavily on advanced radar systems to achieve superiority in air-to-air, air-to-ground, and air-to-sea operations. The KLJ-7A and ELM-2052 are two prominent Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radars, respectively used in the JF-17 Block III and Tejas Mk1A fighter jets.

The KLJ-7A is a multifunctional X-band AESA radar that significantly enhances target detection and situational awareness. It performs various roles including air-to-air, air-to-ground, and air-to-sea detection, location, and tracking with comprehensive operational modes.

Main Features
  • Fast Scan Rate and Beam Agility: Enables rapid target acquisition and flexible operational modes.
  • Enhanced Target Detection: Improved capability to detect and track multiple targets simultaneously.
  • Excellent ECCM (Electronic Counter-Countermeasures) Capability: Ensures operational reliability in contested environments.
  • Multi-target Tracking and Engagement: Supports simultaneous tracking and engagement of multiple targets.
  • Modular Design: Facilitates scalability and ease of maintenance.
  • High Reliability: Designed for easy maintenance and high operational availability.
  • Frequency Band: X-band
  • Operational Modes:
    • Air-to-Air: TAS, STI, AMC, ACM, HUD, VERT, BOR, SLEW
    • Air-to-Ground: RSM, DOS, SAR, OMI/GTAS, AGR, FIT
    • Air-to-Sea: SEAT, SEA2
    • Navigation: BCN, MBCN, TA, WA
  • Detection Capability:
    • For a target with RCS of 5m²
    • Detection range: Approximately 150 km

ELM-2052 Radar Overview

Product Capability

The ELM-2052 AESA radar, designed by ELTA Systems, is an advanced Fire Control Radar (FCR) tailored for air-to-air superiority and strike missions. Its solid-state technology ensures long detection ranges, high reliability, and multi-target tracking capabilities.

Main Features
  • Solid-State, Active Phased Array Technology: Provides robustness and reliability.
  • Pulse Doppler, All-Aspect, Shoot-Down Capabilities: Ensures comprehensive engagement potential.
  • Simultaneous Multi-Target Tracking and Engagement: Supports complex combat scenarios.
  • Multi-Mode Operation: Capable of handling multiple operational modes simultaneously.
  • High ECM Immunity: Maintains operational effectiveness in electronic warfare environments.
  • Ultra-Low Side-Lobe Antenna: Enhances target detection accuracy and reduces false alarms.
  • Flexible Interfaces: Modular hardware and software allow for scalability and future upgrades.
  • High Mission Reliability: Built with redundancy to ensure continuous operation.
  • Antenna Size: Adaptable to aircraft nose limitations
  • Weight: 80-180 kg, depending on antenna size
  • Power: 3-10 kVA, depending on antenna size
  • Operational Modes:
    • Air-to-Air:
      • TWS (Track-While-Scan)
      • Multi-target detection and tracking
      • High-resolution raid assessment
    • Air-to-Ground:
      • High-resolution mapping (SAR Mode)
      • AGR (Air-to-Ground Ranging)
      • RBM (Real Beam Map)
      • DBS (Doppler Beam Sharpening)
      • GMTI (Ground Moving Target Indication)
      • GMTT (Ground Moving Target Tracking)
    • Air-to-Sea:
      • Sea search and multi-target tracking
      • RS (Range Signature) and ISAR (Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar) classification modes
    • Navigation:
      • Beacon
      • Weather modes

Comparative Analysis

  1. Target Detection and Tracking:
    • KLJ-7A: Emphasizes fast scan rates and beam agility, suitable for dynamic combat scenarios.
    • ELM-2052: Offers long-range multi-target detection and simultaneous weapon engagement, making it superior for complex air-to-air combat.
  2. Operational Modes:
    • KLJ-7A: Comprehensive air-to-air, air-to-ground, and air-to-sea modes with robust electronic counter-countermeasures.
    • ELM-2052: Advanced multi-mission capabilities with high-resolution mapping, ground moving target detection, and classification modes, demonstrating versatility across different mission types.
  3. Design and Scalability:
    • KLJ-7A: Modular design ensures scalability and easy maintenance, beneficial for long-term operational readiness.
    • ELM-2052: Modular hardware and software with flexible interfaces allow for future upgrades and adaptability.
  4. Reliability and Maintenance:
    • KLJ-7A: High reliability and easy maintenance enhance operational availability.
    • ELM-2052: Built with redundancy to ensure high mission reliability, suitable for continuous and demanding operations.

. The KLJ-7A is well-suited for the JF-17 Block III with its fast scan rate, beam agility, and robust ECCM capabilities. In contrast, the ELM-2052, used on the Tejas Mk1A, offers superior long-range detection, multi-target tracking, and versatile operational modes, reflecting ELTA’s extensive radar experience and technological innovation.