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BrahMos, the Indo-Russian joint venture producing the supersonic cruise missile of the same name, has achieved a significant milestone – an 83% indigenization level. This announcement by BrahMos CEO & MD, Mr. A. D. Rane, highlights India’s growing self-reliance in defense technology.

Mr. Rane credited a “systematic approach and a renewed push for self-reliance” for this achievement. BrahMos, in collaboration with Indian industries, has successfully produced critical sub-systems like boosters and seekers, along with numerous smaller components.

The success of these indigenous components in successive trials has paved the way for their integration into the BrahMos missile system. This not only reduces dependence on foreign suppliers but also strengthens India’s domestic defense production capabilities.

Mr. Rane emphasized the role of Indian industries in achieving this milestone. By empowering these companies to produce major sub-systems, BrahMos has fostered a robust domestic defense ecosystem.

While 83% indigenization is a commendable feat, BrahMos is likely to continue its push towards complete self-reliance. Further advancements in domestic technology and production capabilities will be crucial in achieving this goal.