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China recently unveiled a model of a new nuclear submarine, the Type 093B. The 6,200-ton submarine features an 18-unit underwater vertical launch system, a teardrop-shaped design with a slightly humped back, an integrated sonar station, and a signature integrated optical-electronic mast on the sail. It is also equipped with a ducted pump-jet propulsion system.

According to information published by Chinese media, the Type 093B is designed to carry out long-range patrols and anti-ship warfare missions. The submarine’s underwater vertical launch system is believed to be capable of launching cruise missiles and anti-ship missiles. The teardrop-shaped design of the hull is likely to improve the submarine’s underwater performance, while the integrated sonar station and optical-electronic mast will enhance its situational awareness. The ducted pump-jet propulsion system is expected to make the submarine quieter than previous models.

The unveiling of the Type 093B model is seen by some analysts as a sign of China’s growing ambitions in the maritime domain. China has been rapidly expanding its navy in recent years, and the Type 093B is likely to be a key part of this expansion. The submarine’s long-range capabilities and advanced weaponry could pose a challenge to regional security.

However, it is important to note that the Type 093B is still under development, and it is not clear when or if it will enter service with the Chinese Navy. Additionally, the full capabilities of the submarine are unknown. It is possible that the model does not represent the final design of the submarine.