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The Indian Army is revamping its incentive scheme for officers performing exceptionally well in promotion exams. This move aims to encourage better preparation and enhance overall professional capabilities.

The revised policy, coming into effect from next year, will reward officers with bonus marks in subsequent exams for exceeding expectations in the current ones. This replaces the existing system, deemed too stringent, which hasn’t yielded results in a decade.

The current policy required officers to clear all subjects in both ‘Part B’ and ‘Part D’ exams (mandatory for promotions to Major and Lt Colonel respectively) with a minimum of 75% in each to qualify for bonus marks. Sources revealed that due to the “unrealistic nature” of these requirements, no officer achieved the benchmark in the last ten years.

The proposed changes offer a more attainable path to earning bonus marks. Officers who clear exams in one attempt and excel in a particular subject will be awarded bonus marks in that same subject during the next exam.

70-75% Marks: Earns 40 bonus marks in the same subject for the next exam.

60-75% Marks: Earns 30 bonus marks in the same subject for the next exam.

60-65% Marks: Earns 20 bonus marks in the same subject for the next exam.

The Army anticipates this revised scheme will incentivize officers to invest more time and effort in exam preparation. This, in turn, should lead to a better-qualified officer corps with stronger professional skills.