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With Rising tension with India, Pakistani Air Force (PAF) burned the midnight oil on the night of 6/7th May morning by carrying out multiple deployments of air assets where Indian OSNIT community were able to monitor 3 SAAB’s Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) will call sign, FATEH1, BURAQ1 and HAIDER1, and Pakistani Navy’s One ATR72 Sea Eagle maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) and Hawker Beechcraft 850XP ELINT aircraft which were strangely seen patrolling over land close to Indian border possibly to gather Electronic Intelligence, while at least 3 MALE CLass UAVs were also patrolling the skies.

Unusual deployment of AWACS and MPA aircraft for surveillance and Electronic Intelligence suggests that something might have spooked PAF after reports emerged that IAF had increased Combat Air Patrols (CAP) missions near the Pakistani border at multiple sectors which could be why 3 AWACS were patrolling whole night across the border. Continue reading


Indian Intel agency has warned that Pakistan is overlooking the development of Do-it-yourself (DIY) small drone the size of a model airplane to be used to arm it with explosives to kill troops in the Kashmir and this drones might be provided to Pakistan backed terrorists and a new batch of infiltrators might be carrying them.

Rudimentary man-in-the-loop remote controlled setup with a fixed forward-facing video camera and a single front-mounted propeller drones made locally are cheaper to manufacture and can’t be traced back to the country where it was supplied to if it was manufactured by a multinational company. Continue reading


Harsh Vardhan Thakur, Test Pilot with HAL has dropped hints that 2 ex Jaguar strike aircraft procured from Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) by India have been used to rebuild an existing IAF Jaguar strike aircraft which had a mangled airframe near front fuselage section and probably was put in storage due to lack of airframe structure since the production of the aircraft has been shut decades ago and retired now by all its former operators making India its lone operator in the world now.

Oman had retired its last four operational Sepecat Jaguars in 2014 and had purchased 12 in the mid-’70s and maintained the same level of fleet till 2014 when they were retired. Two airframes were procured by India to be used as spares for the existing fleet of 90 jets in the IAF. IAF also has plans to acquire 31 Ex-Jaguars from the French air force which were to be donated free of cost to India also to be used as spares. Continue reading


With 20000 Confirmed cases of Chinese virus and over 450 deaths, Niazi continues to justify his so-called ” Smart Lockdown ” after being under fire from all quarters for refusing to put the country in complete lockdown as the Chinese virus spreads. In a new low for selected Prime minister of Pakistan, who continues his obsession with Modi has now taken it to a new level by dragging his name in a pandemic situation in his country and his lack of action in his own country.

PM Imran, while addressing a conference at COMSTECH Institute, said that the Indian prime minister didn’t even think of the poor masses while announcing the lockdown. “Narendra Modi turned out to be a coward who shut down the whole country because of the pandemic,” the selected said. Continue reading



Chief of Army Staff Mukund Naravane of Indian Army while speaking to amid increased attempts by the Pakistani Army to infiltrate trained Terrorist across Line of Control (LOC) has warned Pakistani military that their policy of trying to bleed India with 1000 cut for last two decades will not work and is failing.

Chief also said that Pakistani Army Policies continue to fail but it beats his imagination that they think it will work in the first place and yet they continue to reinforce their failures in Kashmir. their strategy of death by 1000 cuts and ours will be death by 1000 cuts and the plus one will always be with us (Indian Army) and they will never succeed until they realize both countries can work for peace full borders. Continue reading


Terror groups in Pakistani and in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) strongly denounced the Indian authorities for not handing over the bodies of the martyred Kashmiri youth to their families for proper burial. Indian Army recently had buried two terrorists in unmarked graves in Northern Kashmir but the family of one of the local terrorists killed showed up to claim his body even though the family was not informed about his death.

Brother of alleged dead Kashmiri terrorists has claimed that his brother had made the last call to him amid encounter with the Indian security forces to say goodbye and he believes it was he who was killed that day in the encounter still Army refused to hand over his body and refused to let him look at the body for verification. Continue reading


India’s first Private sector company SSS Defence which has developed 7.62×51 mm Sniper Rifle called ” Viper” recently put a video of the gun while it was under trial showcasing its super smooth short action.

7.62×51 mm Sniper Rifle for distances greater than 1,000 metres and can be used with the barrel length options range from 20 inches to 24 inches and have ergonomically designed for the Indian soldiers by taking into consideration the height, arm length & finger length, etc.

Continue reading


Defense PSU Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), which had closed down all its production facility from 24th March will be reopening from 20th April and will resume manufacturing of LCA-Tejas and ALH Dhruv which had become standstill due to pandemic on orders of the Central Government.

HAL offices had open with reduced staff from 31st March but production facility and testing of the aircraft manufactured had not resumed, which will now resume from 20th April said industrial sources close to Continue reading


One of the T700-701D engines which are used to power IAF’s AH-64E Apache Gunship which made an emergency landing in the fields of Budhawar village in Hoshiarpur district of Punjab on Friday could have heated up due to technical reasons. Two GE T700 turboshaft engines are used to power AH-64E Apache Gunship and according to IAF sources who spoke to media, one of the engines had a loss of power due to heating up due to which pilot instead heading back to the base made the landing with just one engine.

The helicopter had taken off from the Pathankot base and a technician from the base was rushed to the spot and was seen working on the effected engine at the time of filing of this report. Continue reading


The second batch of 4 Boeing P-8I Neptune advanced maritime patrol/anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft which were supposed to arrive in India by end of this month has been deferred by Boeing due to ongoing issues due to pandemic of China virus in the country.

According to Indian defense officials, arrivals of the first plane will happen in July and the other three aircraft in 2021. India already operates 8 P-8I maritime patrol aircraft from its Naval base in Rajali and the second batch of four P-8I maritime patrol aircraft will be based in Naval base in Dabolim on its Western side which more focused on the Arabian sea and movement of Pakistani Navy in the vicinity. Continue reading


Wind Blast Test on Lightweight Integrated Aircrew Helmet and Pressure Breathing Oxygen Mask for Pilots designed to primarily incorporate Helmet Mounted Display and Sight (HMDS) as per IAF requirement was subjected to open jet wind blast test at 600 KEAS at DGA, CEAT, France and was tested in eight different profiles and it has successfully withstood all the tests thereby proving the integrity of Helmet-Mask assembly during ejection.

The integrated helmet with internally retractable dual polycarbonate visor system (with EMI/EMC complied pre-amplifier meeting RS-03 test) and pressure breathing oxygen mask has been developed by Defence Bio-Engineering & Electro Medical Laboratory (DEBEL), Bengaluru, against specific QRs issued by Indian Air Force. Continue reading


Advanced Centre for Energetic Materials (ACEM), Nasik, successfully conducted sea level static testing of the third stage rocket motor of Agni-V on 4 March 2020. This test was conducted to qualify the propellant and evaluate the ballistic performance parameters.

Various parameters, viz.,, thrust, chamber pressure, igniter pressure, temperature, strain, displacement, vibration and acoustic pressure, were validated and real-time data was recorded. The pressure-time and thrust-time plots of the rocket motor matched exactly with the prediction. The ballistic performance parameters closely matched with the predicted values. Continue reading


India plans to develop an indigenously developed light transport aircraft Saras Mark 2 version which is an improved version of the original Saras multirole light transport aircraft being designed and developed jointly by Indian companies National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) for the Indian Air Force (IAF).

Mark 2 will also drop out its rare pusher propeller engine configuration and will instead now feature a tractor-mounted propeller engine on a nacelle configuration. The improved version will be a 19-seater aircraft instead of a 14-seater proposed earlier and move to drop pusher propeller engine configuration was due to many advantages as the tractor configuration which is more efficient since the blockage of the nacelle is less than that of a fuselage. Continue reading


With the recent slump in India’s bilateral ties with Malaysia, state-run Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) officials belonging to LCA division who was part of the team which visited Kaula Lumpur with Two LCA-Tejas fighter jets for evaluation by the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) said in an interview to Anantha Krishnan M that LCA-Tejas not only performed better than other jets in the competition but also demonstrated better turn around time after each sortie.

After exist of India critic, Mahathir bin Mohamad and with the appointment of Muhyiddin Yassin has Malaysia’s New Prime Minister, India, and Malaysia are keen to reset ties and HAL sees good opportunity to sell LCA Tejas to Malaysia. Continue reading


Russian Air Force which had decided that the fresh batch of 36 Su-30SM fighter jets will come equipped with AL-41F-1S engines from 2021 onwards to the levels that match those of the Su-35 which carries the same engine and had offered the same to India for its fleet of 272 Su-30MKI under its ” Super-Sukhoi” modernization program under consideration by IAF with Russia has been turned down.

As per information coming in, IAF has decided to not to include any new engine swap upgrade under its ” Super-Sukhoi” modernization program and the focus will remain to upgrade them with new high powerful AESA Radar which will be a derivative of the one used by the Russians on its Su-57E 5th Gen fighter jet and come equipped with upgraded Avionics and electronic warfare system from Su-35 and Su-57E platforms. Continue reading