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A recent incident along the Assam-Bangladesh border has brought attention to the ongoing challenges of cattle smuggling in the region, as a suspected smuggler, Shahinur Islam (26), was shot dead by Border Security Force (BSF) personnel in Mankachar. The incident highlights the complexities and risks associated with illegal cattle trade along the international boundary.

The encounter occurred as BSF personnel intercepted a group of Indian smugglers, including Shahinur Islam, who were attempting to swiftly transport cows across the border into Bangladesh. Mankachar, located in Assam, has been a hotspot for illegal cattle smuggling due to its proximity to Bangladesh and porous border conditions.

Shahinur Islam, hailing from Char Kukurmara village in Mankachar, was part of the group of smugglers attempting to evade BSF surveillance and circumvent border security measures. The swift and often clandestine nature of cattle smuggling operations poses significant challenges for law enforcement agencies tasked with curbing illicit activities along the border.