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The ambitious plan to develop a 90-seater regional transport aircraft (RTA) for India faces a major roadblock: a lack of funding. C.B. Ananthakrishnan, Chairman and Managing Director of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), confirmed that the project is currently stalled due to the $2 billion funding requirement yet to be approved.

Ananthakrishnan outlined two potential approaches: a clean sheet design and a derivative design based on an existing aircraft. While the clean sheet design, offering more flexibility but higher costs, would require two phases of development (engineering & prototype manufacturing), the derivative option might be more cost-effective. However, both options remain dependent on securing the necessary funds.

Despite the funding challenges, the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) is spearheading the project with HAL as the manufacturing partner. NAL remains open to collaborating with both domestic and foreign partners during the design, development, and production stages, once the aircraft receives certification.

The 90-seater RTA project holds significant value for India, potentially boosting its domestic aviation industry and enhancing regional connectivity. However, the funding hurdles raise concerns about the project’s viability and its potential impact on India’s self-reliance ambitions in the aerospace sector.

Securing the necessary funding is crucial for the RTA project to move forward. Exploring alternative financing options, attracting private investments, or seeking government support will be vital for bringing this ambitious project to fruition. The success of this endeavor could pave the way for further advancements in India’s indigenous aircraft development capabilities, but significant challenges remain before this dream takes flight.

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