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The Border Security Force (BSF) and local police are grappling with a new challenge along the India-Pakistan border: high-end, expensive drones used for smuggling drugs, arms, and ammunition. These drones pose a significant threat due to their ability to fly at high altitudes, carry heavy payloads, and travel at increased speeds, making them difficult to detect and intercept.

Authorities have observed a shift in Pakistan’s smuggling strategy, with a move towards these sophisticated drones. Unlike older models, these high-definition (HD) drones can fly at significant altitudes, making them harder to spot visually or with ground-based radars. Additionally, their increased payload capacity allows them to carry larger quantities of illegal goods, posing a greater security risk.

The BSF’s vigilance has resulted in the apprehension of close to 20 such drones in the past two months alone. The cost of these drones, ranging from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 11 lakh, further underscores the change in tactics. Notably, all the drones intercepted by the BSF this year fall into this high-value category.

The use of these advanced drones raises concerns about the evolving nature of smuggling activities along the border. Their ability to evade detection and deliver larger quantities of illegal goods necessitates a reevaluation of current security measures. The BSF and local police will need to adapt their strategies and technologies to effectively counter this new threat.

Upgrading border surveillance infrastructure with advanced radar systems and counter-drone technology is crucial. Training personnel in identifying and intercepting these drones is also essential. Additionally, collaboration with international partners to share intelligence and best practices can further strengthen border security.

By effectively addressing this challenge, the BSF and local police can ensure the safety and security of the Indo-Pak border and prevent illegal activities from jeopardizing regional stability.