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Following the successful export of BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles to the Philippines, the Indo-Russian joint venture behind the weapon system is setting its sights on new partnerships. BrahMos CEO has expressed confidence in ongoing talks with several countries, suggesting potential deals could be finalized within a more realistic timeframe than the 2-3 years mentioned in some reports.

According to media sources citing the CEO, BrahMos is engaged in advanced discussions with at least two to three countries. While the official did not disclose specific names, there’s a strong possibility that at least one of these negotiations might culminate in a signed agreement in the near future.

The BrahMos missile system, known for its speed and precision, has emerged as a valuable asset for India’s defense exports. The Philippines deal marked a significant milestone, and further agreements would solidify BrahMos’ position in the international arms market.

The BrahMos, a joint Indo-Russian venture, boasts impressive capabilities. Its supersonic speed, extended range, and multi-platform deployment options make it a highly desirable weapon system for nations seeking to bolster their defense capabilities.

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