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Indian Armed Forces have a new contender in the tactical gear arena – Armasen Tactical. This high-quality manufacturer, known for collaborating with Special Operations Units, has offered its latest range to Indian troops.

Armasen Tactical highlights the S.F. R.I.G. Plate Carrier alongside their G.R.I.P. Combat Belt as the core of their offering. These are complemented by a variety of Utility and Ammo Pouches, creating a comprehensive combat ensemble.

The S.T. R.I.G. (Special Terrain R.I.G. – Rapid Interchangeable Gear) stands out for its lightweight design. It accommodates standard-issue ballistic plates in various cuts (square, shooter, swimmer).

Armasen Tactical emphasizes the S.T. R.I.G.’s compactness and mission-specific focus. The ergonomic design caters to quick reaction teams operating in confined spaces. Armasen Tactical has also presented its G.R.I.P. Combat Belt and a selection of Utility and Ammo Pouches to complement the S.T. R.I.G. Plate Carrier, potentially providing a comprehensive tactical gear solution for the Indian Armed Forces.

Key Features of the S.T. R.I.G. Plate Carrier:

  • Lightweight design for optimal mobility.
  • Accommodates standard square cut, shooter cut, and swimmer cut plates.
  • Integrated triple magazine kangaroo pouch compatible with various calibers (5.56 x 45/7.62 x 39/7.62 x 51).
  • Stretchable cummerbund for additional storage of magazines or essential gear (radios, grenades, medical supplies, water bottle).
  • Reversible cummerbund with hook-and-loop or quick clip buckle options for faster attachment and removal.
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop shoulder straps with air mesh lining and high-density foam pads for comfort and breathability.

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