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The highly anticipated delivery of BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles to the Philippines has been pushed back, but not due to any technical or production issues. According to General Manager for Market Promotion & Export of BrahMos Aerospace Praveen Pathak, the delay stems from challenges faced by the Philippines in preparing missile deployment sites.

Pathak attributed the postponement to “strong monsoons” in the Philippines, which hampered construction work on the designated missile deployment sites. He assured that the construction is expected to be completed within two months, paving the way for immediate deliveries.

A recent visit by a Philippine delegation to India dispelled any concerns about the equipment’s technical soundness. Pathak confirmed that they “signed an acceptance letter for the equipment’s delivery,” indicating their satisfaction and readiness to receive the missiles.

With the construction delays addressed within the next two months, the BrahMos delivery to the Philippines is expected to occur sometime in April 2024. This aligns with earlier reports suggesting deliveries would happen in the first quarter of this year.

The acquisition of BrahMos missiles represents a significant development for the Philippines’ defense capabilities. The supersonic cruise missiles offer long-range, precision strike capabilities, enhancing deterrence and maritime security in the region.

While the BrahMos deliveries have faced a temporary setback, the commitment from both parties remains strong. With construction nearing completion and technical acceptance secured, the Philippines can expect to receive these advanced missiles within the next few months. This development will undoubtedly be closely watched by other nations in the region as they assess their own defense needs and potential collaborations.

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