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Boeing’s official at the Defexpo on a question about Indian weapons on F-18 E/F that are on offer to the Indian Navy confirmed that the company is open to allowing Indian-made weapons on the aircraft. Boeing has offered F-18 E/F to be used as a deck-based fighter jet from two Indian Aircraft carriers and is willing to work with Indian companies and the Navy on such requirements.

Boeing has offered its top-of-the-line weapon system in case it wins a deal from the Indian Navy and is open to allowing the Integration of Indian weapons like Astra BVRAAM, SAAW, and NASM-MR.

Boeing and Dassault are competing in the Indian Navy’s tender requirement for 27 Deck-based fighter jets to supplement its Accident-prone Russian Mig-29K fighter jets. Both companies have claimed that their fighter jets can operate from Indian Aircraft carriers but the F-18 E/F has a wing folding mechanism for storage in confined deck space in the below aircraft hangar giving it an edge over Rafale M.

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