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Kaveri dry engine meant to power India’s first stealth, unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV), the Ghatak will commence simulated high altitude tests and flight test bed testing in Russia after suffering a year-long delay due to the ongoing war with Ukraine and Russia. Kaveri Dry engine will soon be shipped to Russia’s Gromov Flight Research Institute near Moscow. has been told that the modified Ilyushin (Il)-76 fixed-wing, four-engine turbofan aircraft will be used to replace one of the engine bays with a Kaveri Dry engine so that it can be used to simulate and record engine performance at 40,000 to 50,000 feet.

GTRE had hoped to complete all tests by 2024-25 and commence limited series production by 2025-26 but has been told that the timeline needs to be moved again after delays. GTRE developed Kaveri Dry engine will generate 46kN of thrust and it is also developing a new Afterburner section so that it can be used to test it on LCA-Tejas Prototype for research and development purposes.

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