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Baba Kalyani, the Managing Director of Bharat Forge, has set an ambitious goal for India’s defense sector. He aspires to make India the number one manufacturer of artillery in the world by 2030. This vision comes amidst India’s growing defense exports, encompassing artillery guns, drones, and rifles.

“It is my vision and dream to be among the top three artillery exporters in the world,” Kalyani said. “Now we are number one in the business. So we are targeting that in the artillery sector, we will be the largest manufacturer in the world with the best of technologies.”

Kalyani attributes this export push to the success of government initiatives like “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” (Self-reliant India) and “Make in India.” He also credits India’s neutral stance in global conflicts for attracting collaborations with other countries in the defense sector.

This focus on indigenous production aligns with India’s goal of reducing reliance on foreign arms imports. If achieved, Kalyani’s vision would mark a significant milestone for the Indian defense industry.

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