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In a move to bolster the Indian Navy’s defence capabilities, Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) has announced a collaboration with Israeli defence firm Rafael to offer the Torbuster SP hard-kill decoy system. This strategic partnership leverages Rafael’s expertise with BDL’s domestic production capabilities.

The Torbuster SP is a game-changer in the realm of ship defence. This system, designed for strategic mounting on naval vessels, actively deceives and neutralizes incoming torpedoes. By providing critical seconds during an attack, the Torbuster SP grants ships a vital window for manoeuvring and evading threats.

The Torbuster SP boasts an impressive range of defensive capabilities. It effectively counters not only passive torpedoes but also active and wake-homing variants. For passive torpedoes, the system cleverly mimics the ship’s acoustic signature, luring the torpedo away from its intended target. For active torpedoes, the Torbuster SP employs real-time analysis of the torpedo’s transmissions to deliver a tailored response, ensuring a more effective countermeasure.

The Torbuster SP goes beyond mere distraction. This system is designed to neutralize incoming torpedoes, eliminating the threat and preventing potential re-attacks. This ensures a more comprehensive defence for Indian Navy vessels.

If the Indian Navy elects to procure the Torbuster SP system, BDL plans to manufacture the technology locally within India. This not only strengthens India’s self-reliance in defence manufacturing but also fosters a strategic partnership with a renowned defence technology leader like Rafael.

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