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Mahindra Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. is making a strong push for the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) Medium Transport Aircraft (MTA) program. A high-level team recently visited Embraer’s facility in Brazil, where the C-390 transport aircraft – a contender for the IAF tender – is manufactured.

This visit comes after Mahindra Aerospace and Embraer joined forces earlier this year. The collaboration aims to establish local production of the C-390 in India, should the IAF select the aircraft.

The Mahindra team received comprehensive briefings about the C-390’s capabilities, including production processes. This firsthand exposure strengthens their understanding of the aircraft and its potential for the IAF’s needs.

Embraer has gone a step further, offering customization options for the C-390 to meet the IAF’s specific requirements. This flexibility could be a significant advantage in the competitive tender process.

While the C-390’s performance and Mahindra’s offer are promising, the IAF will ultimately decide the winner of the MTA program. The coming months will reveal which contender emerges victorious.

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