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In a significant development for India’s defence manufacturing sector, AVNL (Armed Vehicle Nigam Limited) has successfully concluded a contract with CVRDE (Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment), a part of DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation), for the manufacturing and supply of two Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV) command vehicles. This contract, valued at a substantial 45 Crore, marks the beginning of an important partnership in bolstering the nation’s defence capabilities.

The successful execution of this initial contract sets the stage for an even more promising future. Following subsequent trials, O.F Medak (Ordnance Factory Medak) is slated to receive a significant workload. They are set to manufacture an impressive 177 ICV command vehicles, estimated to be worth approximately 4000 Crore. 

The Infantry Combat Command Vehicle BMP-IIK is a noteworthy modification of the Infantry Combat Vehicle BMP-II, purposefully designed to meet the demands of modern warfare. This specialized vehicle is tailored for operational control of motorized rifle battalion subunits, offering critical functionalities such as terrain orientation and the conduct of combat operations, especially under conditions that involve the deployment of nuclear missile weapons.

Key Features of the ICV Command Vehicle BMP-IIK

Compared to its predecessor, the BMP-II, the Infantry Combat Command Vehicle BMP-IIK boasts several key enhancements:

  1. Expanded Crew Capacity: The BMP-IIK provides accommodation for a crew of five, each with designated roles. These roles include the driver, staff officers (occupying the bow gunner trooper’s seat), gunners, motorized rifle battalion commanders (occupying the commander’s seat), and radio operators. Additionally, there is one reserved seat to further enhance operational flexibility.
  2. Optimized Workstations: The vehicle is equipped with purpose-built workstations for each crew member, ensuring efficient communication, coordination, and execution of tasks during combat operations.
  3. Enhanced Command and Control: With its advanced design, the BMP-IIK serves as a mobile command and control centre, facilitating seamless communication and decision-making in the field.

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