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In a significant move towards diversification, Armoured Vehicles Nigam Limited (AVNL), a state-owned Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) in India, has announced plans to develop 4×4 protective mobility vehicles (MPVs). These MPVs, similar in concept to the iconic HUMVEE used by the US Army, are part of AVNL’s strategy to broaden its product range and meet the evolving needs of the Indian Army.

The Indian Army has expressed interest in acquiring more MPVs in the light to medium category class. These versatile vehicles are known for their ability to operate in a variety of challenging terrains while providing crucial protection to personnel. To align with the modernization efforts of the Indian Army, AVNL aims to co-develop these MPVs with cutting-edge powerpack technology.

One of the notable aspects of AVNL’s initiative is its focus on eco-friendly power sources. The plan includes the development of electric and hydrogen-powered powerpacks for the MPVs. This aligns with the broader global trend towards sustainable and environmentally conscious defense solutions.

Collaboration is at the heart of AVNL’s strategy, and the company intends to partner with Indian private sector companies to achieve these ambitious goals. This collaborative approach is expected to leverage the expertise and capabilities of both public and private sectors, leading to innovative and efficient solutions for the Indian Army.

As AVNL expands its portfolio to include 4×4 protective mobility vehicles, it not only enhances its product offerings but also contributes to India’s defense modernization efforts. These MPVs, equipped with advanced powerpacks, will play a vital role in strengthening the mobility and protection of Indian armed forces in diverse operational scenarios.

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