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Zen Technologies Limited, a prominent provider of military training and anti-drone solutions, has achieved a significant order in the export markets valued at approximately ?340 crores (approximately $41.5 million USD). The company has confirmed that these orders originate from Armenia and involve the procurement of an Anti-Drone System (CUAS) supplied by an Indian private sector company.

Zen Technologies’ Anti-Drone System (CUAS) is designed to address the growing threat of unmanned aerial systems (drones). The system operates by detecting, classifying, tracking, and neutralizing drones through the jamming of their communication signals. It relies on passive surveillance and camera sensors to identify potential threats, providing a multi-layer, multi-sensor architecture for comprehensive security against drone attacks.

This order win not only underscores Zen Technologies’ commitment to developing cutting-edge anti-drone solutions but also highlights India’s growing presence in the global defense and security technology export market. The demand for anti-drone systems has surged worldwide due to the increasing use of drones in both military and civilian contexts. Zen Technologies continues to be at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to counter this evolving security challenge, contributing to safer and more secure environments.

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