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Aritra IITM team from the Marine Autonomous Vessels (MAV) Laboratory in the Department of Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras, has emerged as the champion in the 2023 Virtual RobotX (VRX) challenge. The Virtual RobotX (VRX) challenge is an annual international competition that tests the autonomy and control systems of surface vessels in simulated challenging marine environment conditions. This year’s competition was hosted by RoboNation USA in collaboration with Open Robotics and the Office of Naval Research. The VRX challenge drew participation from 33 teams worldwide, including MIT and NSU.

The Aritra IITM team successfully secured first place for their excellent proficiency in autonomy algorithms for tasks such as station-keeping, waypoint tracking, obstacle avoidance, perception, and autonomous docking. Their innovative autonomy algorithms enabled them to navigate the challenging simulated marine environment conditions with precision and efficiency.

In addition to winning first place, the Aritra IITM team also received special recognition for the best video presentation. Their video effectively showcased their technical expertise and passion for autonomous marine robotics.

The Aritra team’s success in the VRX challenge is a testament to their dedication to innovation and their commitment to developing cutting-edge autonomous solutions for surface vessels. Their victory reflects the high quality of education and research at IIT Madras, and it is a source of pride for the institute and the country.

The Aritra team members include:

Amar Nath Singh
Vallabh Deogaonkar
Akash Vijayakumar
Mohammed Ibrahim M.
Krishnavelu Ramachandran
Prabhakaran J.
Dr. Abhilash Somayajula, the team mentor, is acknowledged for his invaluable guidance and support.

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