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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has successfully conducted the second test of the NASM-SR, or Naval Anti-Ship Missile–Short Range, a helicopter-launched anti-ship missile. The missile was tested from a SeaKing helicopter and successfully hit its target. This is a significant milestone for India’s defense program, as the NASM-SR will provide the Indian Navy with a much-needed capability to defend its coastline from enemy ships.

In addition to the NASM-SR, DRDO is also working on the development of the NASM-MR, or Naval Anti-Ship Missile–Medium Range. This missile will have a longer range than the NASM-SR and will be capable of being launched from fixed-wing fighter jets and maritime patrol aircraft. DRDO is currently developing five prototypes of the NASM-MR.

The NASM-MR is a Harpoon-class anti-ship missile, which means that it is similar in design and performance to the Harpoon missile that is used by the United States Navy. The NASM-MR will have a range of up to 350 kilometers and will be able to hit targets up to 350 kilometers away. The missile will be canisterized, which means that it will be stored in a container that can be easily loaded onto a ship or aircraft. The NASM-MR will be designed to attack small- to medium-sized warships, such as frigates, corvettes, and destroyers.

The successful development of the NASM-SR and NASM-MR missiles is a major boost for India’s defense capabilities. These missiles will provide the Indian Navy with the ability to defend its coastline from enemy ships and will also allow India to project power into the Indian Ocean region.

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