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The Armament Research & Development Establishment (ARDE) has announced its plans to develop an advanced main gun for the Next Generation Main Battle Tank (NGMBT).

This new main gun will incorporate cutting-edge features, including autonomous threat engagement, electro-mechanical gun stabilization technology, self-obturating breech mechanism, and threat-based ammunition selection. With the potential development of a 120mm smoothbore gun, ARDE aims to equip the NGMBT with state-of-the-art firepower and capabilities.

One of the key features of ARDE’s new main gun will be its ability to autonomously engage threats. This advanced system will utilize advanced target identification and tracking technologies, allowing the NGMBT to engage enemy targets with high precision and efficiency.

The autonomous threat engagement capability will provide the tank crew with enhanced situational awareness and the ability to respond rapidly to dynamic battlefield scenarios.

ARDE’s main gun will incorporate electro-mechanical stabilizers, ensuring exceptional gun stabilization during firing. This technology will minimize the impact of tank movement on the gun’s accuracy, enabling accurate target engagement even while the tank is on the move. The electro-mechanical stabilizers will enhance the NGMBT’s combat effectiveness and provide a tactical advantage on the battlefield.

The self-obturating breech mechanism is another significant feature of ARDE’s new main gun. This mechanism ensures efficient sealing of the gun breech during firing, minimizing the escape of gases and reducing the risk of malfunctions. The self-obturating breech mechanism improves the reliability and safety of the NGMBT’s main gun, enhancing its overall performance during combat operations.

ARDE’s main gun for the NGMBT will incorporate a threat-based ammunition selection system. This system will enable the tank crew to select ammunition based on the type of threat they are facing, ensuring optimal firepower and penetration capabilities. The threat-based ammunition selection system enhances the NGMBT’s versatility and adaptability in a variety of combat scenarios.

ARDE is considering the development of a 120mm smoothbore gun for the NGMBT. Smoothbore guns are known for their high accuracy, extended range, and ability to fire a wide range of ammunition types. If developed, the 120mm smoothbore gun will provide the NGMBT with superior firepower, enabling it to effectively engage and neutralize various enemy targets on the battlefield.

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