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Following the triumphant launch of their Agnibaan’s “SubOrbital Technological Demonstrator (SOrTeD),” Agnikul Cosmos, a leading Indian spacetech startup, has set its sights on the future. The company’s founders have announced plans to begin development of the full-fledged Agnibaan launch vehicle within the next nine months.

Agnibaan is envisioned as a two-stage launch vehicle designed with high customizability in mind. This innovative design will allow it to cater to a wider range of customer needs. Notably, Agnibaan will be capable of carrying a payload of 300 kg to a 700 km orbit, making it a valuable asset for small satellite launches.

A key aspect of Agnibaan’s design philosophy is its global reach. To achieve this, Agnikul Cosmos has developed “Dhanush,” a launch pedestal specifically engineered for mobility. Dhanush offers the flexibility to support launches from various locations around the world, catering to a wider customer base and mission requirements.

Unlike previous iterations solely dedicated to Agnibaan, Dhanush is built for multiple uses. This reusable launchpad prioritizes durability and ease of transport, ensuring long-lasting service and efficient operations across various launch campaigns.

With the successful SOrTeD mission serving as a springboard, Agnikul Cosmos is poised for significant progress. The development of Agnibaan, coupled with the versatile Dhanush launchpad, promises to revolutionize India’s small satellite launch capabilities. This ambitious project holds immense potential for propelling India to the forefront of the global space race, offering a cost-effective and adaptable launch solution for the ever-growing small satellite market.

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