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Spain has sparked a diplomatic ripple after denying docking permission to a cargo ship carrying explosives headed for Israel. The Denmark-flagged vessel, Marianne Danica, was reportedly transporting a significant amount of military equipment, including 80,000 units of 120mm HE Mortars and 50,000 units of 125mm HE rounds.

According to media reports, the origin of the shipment was Chennai, India, with the intended destination being the Israeli port of Haifa. However, leaked documents reveal a twist in the narrative. The Czech Republic’s Ministry has submitted a claim asserting ownership of the munitions.

The documents reportedly state that the shipment, originally from Munition India Limited, was intended for the Czech Republic. The planned route involved land transportation from India to Slovenia, followed by maritime transport to the final destination.

The Czech government has provided Spain with official documents guaranteeing that the military equipment is solely for their defense purposes. These documents further assure that the land movement from Slovenia to the Czech Republic is fully documented and verifiable.

Spain’s Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares, has previously stated a policy of denying stopovers to ships carrying weapons bound for Israel, citing the need for peace in the Middle East. It remains unclear whether Spain’s decision was based solely on this policy or if the discrepancies in the shipment’s origin and destination played a role.

The incident highlights the complexities of international arms trade and the potential for confusion when routes and ownership claims are not entirely transparent. It will be interesting to see how this situation unfolds and whether further clarification regarding the shipment’s true purpose and final destination emerges.

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