As post Pulwama attack reply Balakot Air Strikes and the Pakistani stupid aggression against India, using their American F16’s against India, and the Lockheed F16 Being shot down by yesteryear MIG 21 with its CCM R Series short range missile, the question of India buying the F series American Fighter jets is over, as no Indian government would ever risk to come under serious attack from the opposition and the common man for buying such defeated fighters especially with its lone AIM 120 series missiles which have been proven outdated by the already outdated Russian R Series Missiles.

As Americans would not allow any other missile to be integrated with their Fighters and share the radar source codes for integration; and Indian Air Force will not be very keen on buying the AIM 120 series onboard Lockheed martin F16’s or the Boeing F18’s, as both will come with the same defeated AIM120. Continue reading


Well, I had predicted it nearly a month ago in my previous report to (Mig-21 vs F-16: Pentagon can literally force count Pakistani F-16 fleet, But will they ??) how Arms lobbyists most likely will give a clean chit to Pakistani air force only to save their business interests.US Publications reported as per their sources that Pentagon officials visited Pakistan and conducted an audit of all the F-16s procured by Pakistan from the United States and found over the weeks of the audit process that all F-16s were accounted for and no F-16 was lost to Indian Mig-21Bis as claimed by the Indian air force.

An unnamed source is now the flag bearer of the truth peddled by US Publications which didn’t reveal how and when the audit was conducted and if that also included ex-Jordanian F-16 procured directly by Pakistan from Jordan and if AIM-120C-5 missile debris recovered by India actually was sold to Pakistan or did they also audited count of AIM-120C-5 missile inventory which all remain unanswered. Continue reading


After spectacular flying display at Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) 2019, which won praise from all quarters of the crowd and visiting military delegation of various countries, Two LCA-Tejas are staying back for evaluation by a team from Royal Malaysian Airforce personal for possible sale of them under Malaysian Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) tender for 18+18 jets in near future.

Request for Information (RFI) was sent to several companies in January and their respective offerings were, Korea Aerospace Industries FA-50 Golden Eagle, Italy’s Leonardo with its M-346FA Master, the Chinese-Pakistani JF-17 Thunder, and India’s HAL Tejas. Under LCA tender, RMAF plans to replace it’s aging Hawk Mk108/208 which are used to as an advanced training aircraft for transitional courses to teach pilots to fly fighter aircraft but also plays the main role in maintaining the safety and sovereignty of the country’s air space. Continue reading


Recent Aerial battle might come has shake-up to Indian air force when Beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) armed on Mig-21 and Sukhoi-Su 30MKI fighter jets just couldn’t be engaged due to lack of clearance from the missile system.R-27 + R77 AAM Combo on the Sukhoi-Su 30MKI could not be engaged since it was clearly out of range of the missile system and Mig-21Bis was having a hard time getting a radar lock with his R-77 AAM which forced him to switch to an R-73 Withing visual Range AAM in manual mode for which he had to get closer to its target resulting in giving getting an F-16 at cost of losing his Mig-21Bis over Line of Control.

In short, IAF urgently needs modern Beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) even though most of its Interceptor fleets like Mig-21, Mig-29, and Sukhoi-30MKI are armed with R-27 and R-77 BVRAAMs but the recent aerial battle clearly shows that IAF urgently needs to upgrade its Air-to-air missile fleet and exactly that is gonna happen by end of this year, which can shift the BVRAAM End Game in the region for Indian Air Force. Continue reading


The Netra airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft flying well within inside Indian Airspace was the operational brain that guided Indian Air Force’s 12 Mirage 2000-5 fighter jet which was used to bomb multiple camps operated by the terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed in Balakot and in other areas. Operational success and continues use of Netra AEW&C for providing surveillance and radar coverage in the area has improved image of the aircraft among Top brass of IAF who always favored bigger AWACS platform with longer radar coverage and platform range that DRDO is now planning to offer upgraded Netra AEW&C Radar package on new platform to IAF.

While DRDO is working on Bigger ” AWACS INDIA ” program which will use a bigger platform like Airbus A-330 wide-body jets, DRDO has approached IAF and has offered upgraded Netra AEW&C Radar package which can be mounted on an Airbus C295 tactical air-lifter which now will be manufactured by Airbus-Tata locally in India soon. Continue reading


All mighty Pakistani ISPR seems, is yet to make up its mind on usage of Pakistan Air Force F-16 fighter jet against India after its repeated flip-flops and u-turns now ISPR is now saying that F-16s might have been used to shot down a Mig-21Bis fighter jet but then kill has been credited to JF-17 fighter jet which Pakistan assembles locally in the country and was designed and developed by China.

Interestingly India has claimed only 4 F-16 had breached Line of control and was used to shot down one Mig-21Bis which crashed on the other side of the line of control while chasing an F-16 which was shot down by the Mig-21 pilot who was later shot down by his wing man. While India had positioned Two Sukhoi-30MKI farthest from the scene of action to protect its vital military installations, F-16 fired 3-4 AMRAAMs at its longest engagement range which were easily dodged by the one Sukhoi-30MKI using onboard Jammers and super maneuverability. Continue reading


General Electric Company which previously supplied engines for India’s Tejas Mk1 fighter jet has recently offered to supply F414 Enhanced Engines to power India’s upcoming Medium Weight Fighter (MWF), and 5th Generation AMCA fighter jet program. According to reliable industry sources close to, ADA officials were officially briefed by GE Officials on F414 Enhanced Engines and how it can be incorporated into e F414-INS6 engines selected by ADA for Previous MKII version of the Tejas Light Combat Aircraft.

According to GE Aviation, F414 Enhanced Engine incorporates additional technical advancements that can be retrofitted into the existing engines like F414 engines at much lower ownership cost. GE till now has supplied ADA with Eight F414-INS6 engines which generate 98kN Class of Wet Thrust but F414 Enhanced Engine can generate 116 kN Class of Wet Thrust with 1% improved fuel burn over F414-INS6 engines with negligible weight gain. Continue reading


It not once but almost numerous time now that Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has told his countrymen that once Lok Sabha elections in India is over and new regime takes over, Pakistan’s relationship with India will improve drastically even though popular perception in India has been that current Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to get his second term maybe with lower seats to the lower house of the Indian parliament .

While Indian media doesn’t think it necessary for them to ask few questions to Prime Minister aspirant Rahul Gandhi on his Kashmir or Pakistan policy in any of his press conferences what’s even more strange is that Rahul Gandhi is not openly talking about Pakistan in his elections rallies nor his action plan on how he plans to tackle Pakistan on terrorism nor how he plans to tackle terror attacks in Kashmir . Continue reading


Hindustan Aeronautics Limited chairman R Madhavan recently said that HAL and IAF are close to sealing a final agreement on production of 83 upgraded Tejas Mk1A fighter jet and anticipating fresh order in near future, HAL is now augmenting its production capacity which can be rampped up to 24 jets per annum once Mk1A fighter jet goes into production.

Production capacity for the Tejas will be doubled from eight a year to 16 from next year onward when a second production line at the Aircraft Division (Bangalore Complex) will be ready but due to delays in placing of orders for Mk1A fighter jet yet, first flight is now been planned only in 2021-22 but to compensate for loss of time, HAL plans to use its underutilized Nashik facility to further argument its production capacity. Continue reading


It was in September 2016, Joint Space Operations Center which is the organization responsible for performing all of the orbit determination activity necessary to maintain the US space catalog reported that they have identified a debris-generating event near India’s RISAT-1 and said that nearly 16 pieces were identified and Cause of this event remained unknown, yet ISRO responded by saying that RISAT-1 had some anomalies but was functioning normally.

In July 2017, RISAT-1 was declared non-operational by ISRO and also was taken out of active Satellite list without much explanation why the satellite was pulled out and reports of debris spotted around the satellite actually belonged to the satellite itself and if true what caused them in the first place? Since ISRO never officially acknowledged they were any issues with RISAT-1 or why it was pulled out of service and why debris was found near it. it’s hard to say that this event had nothing to do with DRDO getting clearance to develop its own Anti-Satellite Missile System around the same time period in 2016-17. Continue reading


Speaking at a media briefing at the 2019 LIMA exhibition in Langkawi, Russian officials have confirmed that the Russian Government is set to clear export of the Sukhoi Su-57 PAK FA fifth-generation fighter aircraft to many prospective customers like India and to countries in the middle east and Asia.

Su-57E (Export) could be officially unveiled at the Dubai Air Show in November 2019 and middle eastern countries seem to be the prime focus of Russian officials but India and China are other two long term allies of Russia who will be offered the aircraft. Russia already has closed a deal for 24 Su-35 with China and Su-35 is also offered under India’s tender for 114 fighter jets and Russians officials believe both countries will gradually warm up to Su-57E in near future. Continue reading


Medium Weight Fighter (MWF) will get a new name soon and it will be no longer called as Tejas Mk-2 after it went through major redesign changes due to which the ADA and IAF are very keen to not to tag it as Tejas Mk-2 which was light combat class fighter jet. With Maximum Takeoff the weight of 17.5 tonnes it is a totally new beast and deserves a new name which likely to be selected when the first aircraft makes it to air in 2022-23.

Wind tunnel testing of Medium Weight Fighter (MWF) scale model already has been completed and final design freeze happened last year in December and will finally move to the metal cutting stage by end of this year and already HAL has started the process to procure assembly jigs for the first aircraft.

ADA has confirmed that unlike LCA-Tejas program there will not be any Technology Demonstrators (Phase-1) nor any prototype aircraft (Phase-II) of MWF and instead there will be four Pre-production aircraft. First Two of the four Pre-production aircraft will be of Initial Operation Clearance (IOC) configuration and the last two will be of final Operation Clearance (IOC) configuration. Direct development of Pre-production aircraft will help reduce development timeline and also accelerate flight testing and trial phase so that from the first flight of the first pre-production MWF aircraft till it cleared for production, whole program can be rounded up in five years time. Continue reading


United States Airforce dispatched RC-135S Cobra Ball aircraft, hours after India tested its first ASAT Anti-Satellite missile yesterday.RC-135S is the go-to aircraft of the US Administration deployed to collect optical and electronic data on ballistic targets. RC-135S was dispatched from US military facility in Diego Garcia Islands in the central Indian Ocean at 23.30 hours for an undisclosed mission in the Bay of Bengal, supported by a USAF KC-135R aerial tanker which after mid-air refueling returned to Diego Garcia.

RC-135S Cobra Ball aircraft is equipped with a sophisticated array of optical and electronic sensors which are largely used to collect data which is critical to arms treaty compliance verification, and development of U.S. strategic defense and theater missile defense concepts. Continue reading


Recently at Aero India 2019, ADA for the first time disclosed it’s intentions to develop a Medium Weight Fighter (MWF) based on its LCA-Tejas design elements but it will be, completely new program with little or no major technology borrowed from its predecessor Tejas Mk1/1A and more of its technologies will be borrowed from India’s 5th Generation AMCA fighter jet program which has been under research and development for much longer time then MWF.

According to Dr. Girish Deodhare who is Chief of Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), the nodal agency in charge of MWF and AMCA fighter development program. Development of MWF was convinced only in 2014-15 period and the whole platform was redesigned and the previous Mk-2 design concept which was just Mk1 air frame with 0.5m fuselage plug has been discarded to allow the platform to be classified as a Medium class aircraft. Continue reading


Twitter was abuzz yesterday morning after some Netizens from Pakistan claimed to have heard some sound of firing and Pakistani Military soon announced NOTAM from 03.00 AM to 08.00 AM and all flights were suspended and major English media outlets only mentioned that there was an “operational incident ” at the airport due to which it was partially closed without going in to further details.

Video posted by a Pakistani twitter handle had suggested that an aircraft had caught fire since no details were provided by Pakistani Military into the alleged accident dubbed as “operational incident ” leading to speculation from both side of the border that Pakistani air force jet had something do with it but since it was commercial airport and was not used as an airbase by PAF, but something did happen according to many locals around 02.00 to 02.30 am in the morning which was the cause of partial closure. Continue reading