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Following India’s successful test of the Agni-V missile equipped with MIRV (Multiple Independently Re-entry Vehicle) technology, China’s state-run media outlet, Global Times, has downplayed the event’s significance.

Liu Zongyi, director of the Center for South Asia Studies at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, claims China remains unconcerned about the immediate threat posed by this development. He argues that India’s overall military power still lags behind China’s.

However, the article acknowledges India’s progress in its ballistic missile technology. A Beijing-based military expert, speaking anonymously to the Global Times, recognizes India’s ability to launch multiple satellites in a single rocket as a foundation for developing MIRV capability. This, the expert emphasizes, should not be entirely disregarded.

This stance reflects a measured approach from China. While acknowledging India’s technological advancement, it downplays the immediate concern regarding surpassing military might.

While China downplays the immediate threat, India’s progress in MIRV technology signifies a potential shift in the regional strategic landscape.