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Zen Technologies made a strong showing at the recently concluded 9th International Police Expo and the 8th India Homeland Security Expo 2024 (co-located with the 5th Drone International Expo 2024). The company showcased a range of innovative training solutions designed to enhance the capabilities of law enforcement and security personnel.

Zen Technologies’ presence at the expo highlighted their commitment to providing cutting-edge training solutions for modern security challenges. Here’s a breakdown of the key products showcased:

  • Anti-Drone Systems (CUAS): With the growing threat of drones in unauthorized airspace, Zen Technologies offers advanced Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) to effectively detect, identify, and neutralize drone threats.
  • Containerized Tubular Shooting Range (CTSR): This innovative solution provides a portable and deployable shooting range housed within a container. This allows for flexible training setups and facilitates marksmanship training in remote locations.
  • Shoot House for Simulated Indoor Tactical Training: The Shoot House provides a realistic training environment for tactical maneuvers and close-quarter combat scenarios. This allows officers to hone their skills in a controlled setting that simulates real-world situations.
  • TacSim – Tactical Engagement Simulator: TacSim is a sophisticated tactical engagement simulator that immerses trainees in realistic operational scenarios. This allows them to develop critical decision-making skills and practice tactical coordination under pressure.
  • Containerized Indoor Shooting Range (CISR): This alternative solution offers another portable shooting range option housed within a container, providing a controlled environment for marksmanship training.