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India’s private defence company, Zen Technologies, has commenced trials of a new iteration of its Anti-Drone System (CUAS), specifically designed to counter stealth drones.

Traditional drones can be challenging to detect due to their size, but stealth drones pose an even greater threat due to their low observable design, making them difficult to track on radar. Zen Technologies’ new system claims to address this challenge by employing a “multi-layer sensor architecture.” This likely refers to a combination of sensors, potentially including radio frequency (RF) detection, video-based tracking, and radar, working together to create a comprehensive defence against drone incursions.

The base Zen Anti-Drone System, already fielded by the Indian Army, utilizes a similar multi-sensor approach for comprehensive drone detection, classification, and neutralization. This existing system reportedly employs jamming technology to disrupt drone communication and take control.

Zen Technologies’ success extends beyond domestic borders. Armenia recently became the first export customer for the Zen Anti-Drone System, highlighting its potential in the global defence market.

The ongoing trials signify Zen Technologies’ commitment to continuous development. This next-generation system specifically targets the growing threat of stealth drones, showcasing the company’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve in drone defence technology.

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