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Zen Technologies, a frontrunner in anti-drone technology, is confident in its future, according to company officials. In a recent statement, they acknowledged the presence of global competition but emphasized the positive reception their systems are receiving from potential customers.

Zen Technologies highlighted ongoing discussions with several countries interested in their anti-drone systems. This indicates a strong international demand for their technology. However, they also recognize that some customers may have specific needs that necessitate exploring alternative solutions.

Domestically, Zen Technologies sees a significant opportunity in the anti-drone space. While acknowledging the presence of a competitor – DRDO, a formidable research and development organization – they believe their agility and focus on rapid feature development give them an edge. They claim to possess a technological advantage on a product-by-product basis.

Zen Technologies is optimistic about securing a significant share of the domestic market through a combination of their advanced technology and focus on evolving their systems. They also anticipate continued success in securing export orders, solidifying their position as a key player in the global anti-drone market.