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Yantra India Limited (YIL), through its Ordnance Factory Ambajha (OFAJ) facility, has achieved a significant milestone by dispatching the first consignment of an export order for 155mm M 107 shells. This accomplishment marks a promising start for the new financial year and propels OFAJ towards a foothold in the global defense market.

The successful dispatch is attributed to the visionary leadership of Executive Director/OFAJ, Shri Anjan K. Mishra. This export order represents a major step forward for YIL, one of India’s crucial Ordnance Factories. The entire team at OFAJ takes immense pride in this achievement.

This development highlights Yantra India’s growing prowess in the defense sector and its commitment to contributing to India’s defense exports. The successful execution of this order paves the way for future export endeavors, solidifying YIL’s position as a key player in the international defense market.

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