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The war in Ukraine has highlighted a critical gap in India’s air defense capabilities: the lack of robust decoy systems. Decoy technology is essential for misleading and confusing enemy air defenses, giving Indian forces a significant advantage in potential conflicts.

Decoys come in various forms, mimicking real aircraft and missiles. When deployed strategically, they can deceive enemy radars, causing them to waste ammunition and defensive efforts on these false targets. This creates a window for real Indian airstrikes to proceed undetected and deliver maximum impact.

Decoys are valuable not only for offensive operations but also for dismantling enemy air defense infrastructure. By emitting signals that resemble real aircraft or missiles, decoys can lure enemy radar systems into revealing their location. This allows Indian forces to pinpoint and neutralize these radars, effectively crippling the enemy’s air defense network.

The Ukraine war serves as a stark reminder of the importance of air defense preparedness. By investing in decoy technology, India can significantly bolster its air defense capabilities. Decoys offer a cost-effective solution to deceive and overwhelm enemy defenses, safeguarding Indian airspace and ensuring strategic advantage in potential conflicts.