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The 9th International Police Expo 2024 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, saw the unveiling of an impressive new addition to India’s defense and security vehicles by the Vehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ), a unit of Armoured Vehicles Nigam Limited (AVNL). VFJ showcased an advanced Armoured Ambulance Prototype Vehicle, which is designed to provide enhanced protection and mobility in hostile environments.

The highlight of VFJ’s display was the unveiling of their new Armoured Ambulance Prototype vehicle. This 4×4 ambulance is designed to provide critical medical care in hostile environments while ensuring the safety of medical personnel and patients.

Key Features of the Armoured Ambulance:

  • Impregnable Protection: The ambulance offers robust protection against explosive threats. It can withstand a powerful 42 kg TNT blast under the wheel and a 35 kg TNT blast under the hull.
  • Ballistic Resistance: The vehicle provides complete ballistic protection. The hull and bullet-resistant glass can effectively stop a 7.62 Dragunov bullet fired from a distance of 10 meters.
  • Rugged Mobility: The 4×4 drivetrain ensures the ambulance can navigate challenging terrains, reaching those in need even in difficult conditions.
  • V-Shaped Hull Design: The V-shaped monocoque hull body offers additional blast protection by deflecting the force of an explosion away from the cabin.
  • Blast-Resistant Glass: The ambulance is equipped with windows that use impact-resistant, blast-resistant glass for maximum protection.
  • Extended Range: With a 210-liter fuel tank positioned within the armoured hull, the ambulance boasts a commendable range of 650 kilometers.
  • Capable Climber: The MPV has a maximum gradeability of 30 degrees, allowing it to traverse steep inclines.
  • Speedy Response: The ambulance has a respectable top speed of 85 kilometers per hour, enabling a swift response to medical emergencies.